3rd of June 2014 : CONTAIN AB Workshop on Demo Assesment


In the context of the project demonstration phase, on the 3rd of June 2014, the members of the CONTAIN Advisory Board have met in the Bologna Freight Village, nearby the city of Bologna in Italy.


The event grouped together various members of the CONTAIN consortium and experts from Belgian, Danish, Maltese, UK Custom, Greece and UK Border Force, Italian Container’s Terminal Management and Logistic.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide subject matter expert input to the assessment team in order to ensure relevance and accuracy of the assessment. The assessment will focus on the contribution of the demonstrated solutions to the capabilities of the intended operators.


After an introductory session, the workshop has been composed in two phases.

In the first phase the presentation of the three different CONTAIN’s technological demonstrators have been proposed and the participants, have been requested their contributions replying to the basic question: “which ideas, solutions, or combination of solutions, in the presented demonstration would be most relevant to your needs? “.

After the presentation of Mr. Rafael Company (Valencia Port) concerning Containers on Road Trucks (Valencia Demo), the discussion focused on the Empty containers inspection and Information System for Track & Trace.

Following the presentation of Mr. Michele Baldini (Selex ES) concerning the Containers on Train track (Genova Demo), the discussion focused on Container Actual Position, Container Door Integrity and Adjust logistics planning based on Contain platform information system. 

Following the presentation of Mrs. Chiara Lepori (IBI) concerning the demonstration of multiple combined components along the East-West Mediterranean route (Bologna Demo), the discussion focused on internal environment & positioning using CSD (Container Security Device), container integrity (eSeal), Route Validator (EGNOS technology), ConTraffic and its integration in the CONTAIN Platform, Risk assessment using CustAware, a dedicated Custom Decision Support System which is part of the CONTAIN ‘s platform.

In the second phase two groups of experts addressed respectively Valencia and Genova Demos (1st group) and Bologna Demo ( 2nd group), providing their views, evaluations and suggestions, in regards of the involved limitations, requirements, modalities for improvements, economic sustainability of the solution and stakeholders in charge for the solutions’ costs, stakeholders able to deals with the proposed technological solutions, stakeholders who get valuable benefices from the solutions’ use.


The results of the workshop will be used to identify measures to describe the improvements that the demonstrated solutions could provide – for instance higher effectiveness compared to already existing solutions, or completely novel capabilities that contribute in a new way to the stakeholders’ operations.




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Nicola Iarossi Senior Programme Manager European Organisation for Security (EOS) 10 Rue Montoyer B-1000 Brussels www.eos-eu.com
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