Selection of Container Security Sensors for Risk Management: a method developed in the CONTAIN project

Antti Permala, Johan Scholliers and Karri Rantasila from VTT have published a paper  on the Contain method for selecting container security sensors.

The paper entitled ” Selection of Container Security Sensors for Risk Management” present the following abstract:

Fast development of security technologies and solutions opens new prospects for supply chain security management, value-added services, and improvement of supply chain visibility and thus performance. The paper discusses the selection of sensors for container security solutions. For the assessment, the method called COAT is used. This method is basically a four stage process including customer dialogue, planning and modelling, analysis and synthesis. The final selection should be made through assessing the complete range of products and processes to be monitored, which may include low-cost solutions for low-value cargo containers and advanced solutions for high value containers, as well as specific assets. The primary solution for real time container monitoring is Container Security Device (CSD) which may comprise a quite different set of sensors, depending on the requirements of the supply chain.

The paper will be presented at the 10th ITS European Congress this June in Helsinki (


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Nicola Iarossi Senior Programme Manager European Organisation for Security (EOS) 10 Rue Montoyer B-1000 Brussels
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