Contain consortium is preparing demonstrations: Valencia demonstrator (Task 5.3)

In the framework of the CONTAIN Project, the Port of Valencia aims to effectively improve the existing security management gaps concerning the port-logistic containers track and trace and the inspection and control of exit empties at the main gates of the port. The challenge is focused on introducing selectivity criteria to improve the knowledge about container traceability and providing decision-making tools which allow a better control and monitoring of containers circulating inside the port.

In this manner, the port is currently working into two lines. The first one consists of the improvement of container track and trace capabilities taking advantage of the existing information technologies integrated at the port, that is, the Port Community System of Valenciaport.

The second line of work is based on the development of a new prototype which would improve the effectiveness of the control procedures applied to empty containers going out the port. In order to identify the appropriate solution for the existing scenario, a first definition of end-user requirements was defined during the first months of 2013. According to these requirements, a methodology for the selection of the most suitable technology was applied (COAT Methodology), resulting the most suitable solution in a volumetric laser scanning technology.

This sensor technology is able to reduce the total inspection time since it introduces some degree of automation over the current manual procedure. Moreover, the laser scanning device is able to detect anomalies inside a declared empty container such as incorrect dimensions of the container, objects inside, false bottoms, etc. It is expected to provide a preliminary demonstration of this solution by the end of 2013.



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Nicola Iarossi Senior Programme Manager European Organisation for Security (EOS) 10 Rue Montoyer B-1000 Brussels
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