Contain consortium is preparing demonstrations: HINTERMED demonstrator (Task 5.2)

T5.2 is concerned with organising and implementing a full demonstration of CONTAIN outputs in the HINTERMED Demonstrator, which has two legs:

  • Genoa Port hub, that involves the use electronic seal;
  • EAST WEST MED: La Spezia port – Bologna freight village – Ravenna port Corridor, it is coordinated by IPBO and involves shipping and hinterland services.

The Genoa demo will monitor the container traffic between Voltri Terminal (VTE) and Rivalta Terminal (RTE), where containers are moved between the two Terminals using train shuttles or trucks.

The components that will be used in the demo are:

  • A subsystem to detect the Train composition, i.e. to read the list of all containers on a train along with the order in which they are stored, while a train is in transit at a given point. This subsystem is made by some devices (OCR cameras) able to read the images of the container numbers and translate them into text information, in order to be processed by an information system. For each container, the following information can be detected: container number, container type, container ISO code, length.


  • An equipment to read the electronic seal, specifically implemented for Contain project. The equipment (a certain number of which will be available) is a portable multifunction device based on Windows CE 5.0 that can mount several integrated additional components (such as a smart card reader, a micro-camera with white LED and IR illuminator, etc), and a rechargeable battery. In the context of Genoa demo, it will be equipped with an additional plug-in module (and related software) to read RFID Electronic seal.


  • A Local Station to receive data from the equipments, to merge them, and to monitor their status. These Local Stations will be an off-the-shelf PC with some specific and new software applications to process data arriving from the field and to send them to the CONTAIN Platform.
  • A Container Traffic Control Center to handle the whole demo installed at SE premises in Genova, able to connect with the Local Stations thru the CONTAIN Platform (via Internet).

The information obtained will be sent from the Local Station to the Contain Platform with the following information:

Information Type
Incoming container(s) T & T
Outgoing container(s) T & T
Broken/damaged seal Alarm

The EAST WEST MED Corridor runs from the Port of La Spezia to Bologna Interporto Hub and it is extended to Ravenna port. Bologna Interporto is a central hub acting as the backyard of the ports of Ravenna, La Spezia and Leghorn and as an inland terminal and gateway‐system for intermodal services leading to southern ports of Taranto, Bari, and Naples.

The EAST WEST MED Demonstrator will provide end-to-end security container management by supporting transport security stakeholders (both business and administrations) with managing container security threats within logistic chains by utilising ‘best of breed’ technology options as part of an integrated approach to the management of Door to Door (D2D) transportation networks.

The EAST WEST MED demonstrator provides the transport corridor and chain element to the HINTERMED Demonstrator and consequently the CONTAIN project. Activities related to EAST WEST MED Demonstrator started in advance than the planned with the AS-IS Analysis: it involved the provision of Business Process Maps, Threat and Loss Analysis for security existing gaps, identification of transport chain black spots and provided the basis to develop the CONTAIN Threat Analysis (Task 1.2) and the ECSF (Task 1.5).

Furthermore, it provided task 5.1 the AS-IS analysis from which the business process model (IDEF0 + BPM) was developed and identified the potential risk management issues and the potential black spots (through the Bow-Tie analysis and cross fertilization with Task 1.2).


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Nicola Iarossi Senior Programme Manager European Organisation for Security (EOS) 10 Rue Montoyer B-1000 Brussels
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