Contain consortium is preparing demonstrations: demo plans and methodology (task 5.1)

The task provides detailed demonstration plans, evaluation criteria and a common assessment methodology for the project. A first version of the demo plan was released six months after the project started. This version has been thoroughly reworked and the finalized version is due in August 2013. In fact, results from Sub Task 5.1.1 are already transferred to Task 5.2 and T5.3 as those tasks start the work to realise the demonstrations. Results from ST5.1.2 will provide starting point for T5.4. The two subtasks of 5.1 are described below in more detail:

  • ST5.1.1 is directed into providing demonstration plans for both the phase 1 and the phase 2 demonstrations. The demonstrations have been divided into three different realisations. In Valencia the focus is on verifying that containers declared to be empty really conform to that declaration. In Genoa the focus is on container seals and how they can be verified. Those two demonstrations are based on end user needs and the user requirements are then deduced from the needs. At the main demonstration in Bologna, however, a larger number of system functionalities will be demonstrated in parallel. In this context it is relevant to use state of the art technology as a starting point for the specification of the demonstration. To base everything on unbiased end user needs is too risky considering the multiplication of Research and Development uncertainties in complex systems.
  • ST5.1.2 is all about Project Assessment Methodology: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are vital in project assessments. Relevant KPIs are defined based on stakeholder and project objectives as well as project success criteria. As far as possible the existing and target KPI levels are specified. Innovations and technical breakthroughs are also highlighted. One particular aspect of the evaluation is how to describe and quantify both negative and positive unintended side-effects of the demonstrated systems.

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Nicola Iarossi Senior Programme Manager European Organisation for Security (EOS) 10 Rue Montoyer B-1000 Brussels
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